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v.6- Cat <3s yarn.........again
Page: Hugs <3
              ♥MORE UPDATES SOON!♥

~December 28th 2009: Alrighty so as you may have noticed, (or if yer kinda blind, I'll tell you now >_>) this site is inactive! :O That's right, VERY inactive to be specific... it's just that I've found other interests...well, you can still keep in touch with me (not that many of you do >_>) on the other networking sites I'm on (click the "Add my..." page and you can see my user names on all the other sites I go on). So yah, this site will now be called.......and archive site! Yes, tis be an archive site. Because if it wasn't, I would close it. And I dun wanna close it >:O so yah...don't expect updates any time soon...or later for that matter. Sorry Dx~

~July 4th 2009: Happy 4th of July to all my American friends :) About the youtube thingy, piczo's being an ass...(again) and won't lemme add pages. It just says error and it don't work. OHMIGAWD....my mom wants me so yah bye x3~

~July 1st 2009: Sorry I haven't been on in a while...I got a sudden addiction to youtube and I had to study for finals XDD. So the first thing I noticed when I logged on today: MY FREAKIN INBOX!!! OMG! I've never seen so many freakin messages... Dx Okay, I have. But Many of you were asking about the summer break thing....WELL THEN, LEMME CLEAR UP SOMETHIN. NOBODY. COMES. TO. MY. PARTIES. If you are willing to come to one. MESSAGE ME. Okay, another thing...people are asking to make a youtube channel...those people are friends from youtube who I added here XD Sure, I'll go make that as soon as I'm done updating. Another thing people asked: are you rescheduling the summer party. My answer: DEPENDS. If I'm only gonna have 2 people come, then NO. If at least 5 people are coming, then YES :)~

~ May 16th, 2009: WOW! Already May? It's Pam's b-day tomorrow! Yay! What do you want pam? I know I can't like, give it to you any day now that we aren't in the same school anymore...BUT THERE'S ALWAYS VIRTUAL GIFTS :3 Pam is OLD!!! She's turning 14!!!! Wait, I'm 14 too...lol....I really don't know what to do anymore...I guess I have enough content...for now. Summer break=soon!!! YAY! Ok, so remember the March Break Bash? Well, if you don't, scroll down from the updates until February 27th. (which shouldn't be that much since I don't update much anymore...lol) Yah, I will do the same thing for Summer! Airing the same movie, same music all that jazz. I'm telling you NOW because NOBODY EVER COMES TO MY SITE PARTIES!!! Even though I've only had two...and those two were both canceled...ANYWAY, THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS! Date is last week of June, all week. Mostly Monday and Friday, but I will try to get on other days. Wait....Aren't I going to camp that week? I'm not sure, but I'll tell you when okay?~

Everyone hates getting hacked, including me. I recently got hacked on youtube, and I had around 50 subs. Now I have 6. PLEASE, (im srsly begging here) PLEASE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! MY USER IS summiitx and I really hate that I got hacked, so I REALLY need your help! I am literally begging! I would really go down on my hands and knees! In fact, I'll do it right now. ok, done. PLEASE PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!

~April 25th 2009: I made that pokemon page with the cheat codes, the page can be found in the "fun" section. I might also add a page for my pokemon teams, sprites ect...~

~April 19th 2009: Alright soo....no adoptables this month...again XD Anyway, I got my hair cut like really short and yah...hasn't been this short in like...idk, 9 years? ALSO, I've decided that I might add a pokemon page...again...and I'll put my sprites, cheat codes, my teams ect... oh by the way, on youtube I got hacked by someone so my new account is   "summiitx" so PLEASE go to youtube.com/summiitx because I have like no subscribers, friends or channel comments :(

~March 18th 2009: What happened to the second journal entry??? I think it died o.o anyways.......POKEMON PLATINUM COMES OUT IN 4 FREAKIN DAYS!! YAY!!! i shall make cheat codes bwahahahaha >:) oh by the way, the adoptables have a bit of a pause for now, because of uhm...things that are happening. I will re make some more like in uhm... now maybe, cause I'm bored :P but they will be for April, not March. About the March Break Bash...really sorry about that. And people actually messaged me that time saying they wanted to come -.-' oh well. Summer break is in like...three months, so I might do something special for that :D~

VACATION JOURNAL ENTRY #1: Greetings from Toronto! Woop! I'm having so much fun here! Too bad about the March Break Bash :( I'm really sorry bout that. But Sunday my parents were like "Oh by the way, tomrrow were' going to Toronto for a while and I was like HOLY SHIZ WTF? lol. Obviously, I can't do much since I can only be on the computer like once this week or twice, idk. I'll try to do stuff though :P

~March 1st 2009: LATE NOTICE: I AM GOING ON VACATION!!!! WOOP!!!!! But the bad news is, no March Bash :( I'm leaving tomorrow Bye peoples ;)!~

~February 27th 2009: I'm currently making the layout for the March Break Bash. I hope I'm not doing this for nothing just like when y-g was 3 yrs old and I made a party that only 2 people wanted to come to -.- so PLEASEEEEE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE Message me or tell me in the shoutbox if your coming! I will NOT waste ANY TIME AT ALL on this if NOBODY wants TO COME. LORD! I swear, if people don't come, I will hiatus for 2 months, and I MEAN IT. I REALLY DO. I SRSLY I CANT WASTE TIME! IM NOT ONLY DOING THIS FOR ME, BUT FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ENJOY THIS SITE. I DO have homework and I DO have to do it FOR THE DAY I COME BACK FROM THE BREAK. SO I CAN JUST DO THAT ALL WEEK LONG INSTEAD OF ENTERTAINING YOU GUYS. I REALLY try hard to make this site a success. If you don't like the site, don't visit it. I don't need ANY h8ers, which is why me and Pam made that badge thingymabober. Please tell your friends about the site and the party. Or elese -holds up a picture of the hiatus page- this will be what you'll be seeing for 2 months.~

~February 26th 2009: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAH DOGGY!!! :D He's three years old now ;) Anyway............IM A FREAKIN ULTIMATE BLUE MEMBER! FK YAH! Also, during March break, (as in March 2nd-6th) come on for the   MARCH BREAK BASH   (probably only on the 2nd and 6th though). You will NOT be able to visit any other content of the site that week, but instead be brought to the party page. I will be airing "Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior" in ENGLISH on that page. Also, live music and DJ, so there will be a meebo chatbox so you can live chat with me and request songs. I will be able to play any song, as long as I have it. (I have my ways ;D) there will be a special button to collect, something like "I was at Meagan's March break Bash!" or something like that whatever...SO, a movie, some music and chatting. Awesome party eh? Anyway, just to let you know, if you wanna watch the movie but music is playing, there will be a link to another page. That page will have a shoutbox as the chatbox (since I can't be on 2 meebos at once or one of them will disconnect) and the movie will be on that page. BTW: If I'm online, it will say I'm online, via the little "lightbulb" That shows next to my site name :) I will be randomly coming on, so I can't exactly tell you the time lol. I will be on most the week, though.~

~January 23rd 2009: EXMAMS-----R----------OOHHHHHHHHHVAH!!! Alrighty. I'm here to clear things up a bit. I've been getting e-mails after e-mails saying "What do you mean Y-G is 3 years old? Last year it was 1 yr old!" Yes I KNOW!! I just looked at my account thiny and it's been 2 years! BUT, next year will still count as yr 4. Why? Because I will count the site I had before this one, "My-graphix-are-your-graphix.piczo.com" Wich doesn't exist anymore. (DUH :P) then a year later i thought the name was too long so I deleted it and made "your-graphix.piczo.com" (back then I was a piczo noob and didn't know I could rename the site XDD) So that's why next year is your-graphix's 4th b-day. Ok? Oh also, 1-800-piczo-directory.piczo.com don't exist no more :P~

~January 20th 2009: Did I mention that one day I'd kill the internet? Oh...really? I thought I hadn't. Anyway...EXAMS IS OVAH!!!! In 3 days... -_-' oh well. I shall be free in 3 days. I added a pokemon pearl cheats page but I can't get the cheats to show up...probably cuz of the INTERNET! >:( Any requests for codes? Codes to change your name? To get infinite items? Get your Dream Team? Just e-mail me at x0x-megi-gurl-x0x@hotmail.com :) Oh btw, you can only use these cheats if you have Diamond/Pearl For DS and an Action Replay DS and obviously a DS. :3 If you don't have action replay you can cheaply buy one at Toys 'R' Us or EB Games for like...what? 25$?? Pretty cheap for a bunch of cheat codes.~

~January 4th 2009: OMFG! I SWEAR! ONE DAY I WILL KILL THE INTERNET! I was nice...not on purpose though. You all had an extra 3 days to adopt that new years pet since my net wasn't working. >:( -takes my 2008 back from Pam. Pam: Hey! Oh nevermind, 2008 is so last year anyway. Me: Duh? *slaps the internet with 2008 and the computer burns* HOLY SHIZ! WTF?! Computer: 2008, access denied Me: It talks? -throws away 2008 and copies 2009, pastes it and slaps internet with it- Computer: Access granted *explodes* Mee: O.O HOLY FKS!!!!! Lmao yay that's my random story of the day XDDD Anywho, I'm making these little adoptable thingys with flash *if I can figure out how it works...again...XD* that grow and you click them andyou can feed them. And also...sorry members of y-g-adoptables, but it's just too mcuh work to add everything to all the pages! I won't have time! Everyday I: Check 4 e-mails, work on new adoptables and for the past 2 weeks studying for exams -.- SO, I will be deleting the accounts :( Of course, you can still adopt pets tho!! BUT, these adoptables will be cool!~

~NEW SITE! 1-800-piczo-directory.piczo.com!!!! ADD IT! I only add the coolest sites there. The ONLY goal of that site is to get 250+ friends! Add it to your friends list, cuz I'll accept it! If you get a friend request from that site, DO NOT IGNORE IT! ACCEPT IT! IT'S AND HONOR TO GET ASKED TO BE YOUR FRIEND SINCE I ONLY ADD AWESOME SITES! Help build up my directory! Tell your friends to add it! Once I get 250 friends, omg! We'll have the biggest site party anyone's ever seen! Graphix, games, live chat, music, vids....and....A DJ!!! YES!!! IN THE CHAT BOX YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REQUEST A SONG AND I'LL PLAY IT! It'll be awesome! I have like...61 friends or so. So if all of you just tell ONE friend...that's like..122 friends ALREADY! SO CMON!!! GET YOUR FRIENDS INVOLVED IN THIS DIRECTORY!~

~January 1st 2009: Ok so uhm go get the adoptable...wow I'm a retard...I can't decide wich layout to chose! Alright Meagan....you have to chose...Jinx, or Starpaw? Starpaw! Again....so....anyone recognize the layout? *sarcastic* wow....never seen it before. None of you would know it! But srsly...sorry for always changing the layout! I promise, this layout will be here for another 4 months at the minimum XDD I just miss that layout kitty-erm-Starpaw. :3~

~December 31st 2008: Heyy peoples. Tomorrow's NEW YEARS!!! WOOT! So, I won't be needing this anymore! -tosses out 2008 I used to write with the date- and now, Ima use this -takes out a 2009-   :D So, available tomorrow ONLY, the NEW YEARS PET!!! WOOTNESS! Come on tomorrow and there should be a link on the homepage saying 'Adopt the New Year Pet'. Now, the awesome thing is if you have an account on y-g-adoptables.piczo.com (and if you dont what are you waiting for?!!? Make one now!) You get 1000 y-g-coins FREE, PLUS, you won't have to worry about coming on tomorrow to adopt the NY pet. That's right, I'll add it FOR you!!! So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go make an account to get your 1000 y-g-coins and the pet! No, seriously...stop reading now. CMON! Didn't your mother teach you to listen to what people say? :l Ok, now your'e really starting to piss me off. Go make an account lol :3~

~December 26th 2008: Sorry for not making the adoptables grow yesterday, I'll do it tmr since my net isnt working (im at my cousin's house so the files arent here) So uhm yah. Ima make em grow tmr :)~

~December 23rd 2008: OMG! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! :3 Then on Thursday it's...CHRISTMAS!!! :3 Make sure you adopt the December adoptables, because one is hatching tomorrow and the others are hatching the day after. Also, as you've noticed, I made a new layout with some inspiration from www.0-toxic-dreams-0.piczo.com/ (Pam's new site :3) so yah. I DID NOT COPY HERS AT ALL!! SO DO NOT SAY I DID! SHE IS MY GOOD FRIEND AND I EVEN SAID THAT I GOT INSPIRATION FROM HER! This site is totally against copiers, h8ers and thieves, which is why me and Pam made that Anit-copycats badge. If it's on your site, then your against it too. So please add it to your site! It only takes a couple of seconds!~

~December 6th 2008: Sorry I haven't been on. We've been studying for the mid-term exams thingys. Anyway, Im about to go make the pets grow. Then, in about an hour or so I'll post the december adopts. Again, sorry! I really didn't have the time! EDIT: k so I'm tired of the whole box thing....already...so I deleted it. BUT, I added the December adoptables! They all grow on Christmas except for one wich grows the day before....hmmm....why could that be? Oh, yes. MY B-DAY IS IN FRGGEN 16 DAYS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOT!!!! *gifts appreciated* :P~

~November 26th: WOOT! Layout v.7 is finally here! Kitty in a box! WOOT! You can view the WHOLE site in a box, or if you don't like the box, view it normally :O How do you like V.7?~

~November 25th 2008: Not a huge update, just added 2 blends that's all. Grr Im so bored :P and I need ideas fot my site! It's totally empty! omg...did I just say 'totally'? :l Uhm I meant...uhm VERY empty yes VERY. :)~

~November 20th 2008: OMG! November 20th already!?!? Wow, time sure is going by fast these days. Lol I sound like some old dude saying something to his grandchildren. ANYWHO, christmas is in 35 DAYS!!!! :O wich means...MY B-DAY IS IN 34 DAYS!!!!! WOOP! *cough cough gifts appreciated cough cough* lol. So uhm...how's life? UGH FLASH IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CONFUSING! I DONT NO WHAT ANYTHING DOES!?!? hmm what does this button do? -pushes a red button with a green circle in it, all my stuff erases- WTF?!!!! AHH! NOW I HAVA RESTART!!!! :l~

***SOOPER GOOD NEWS....again PLS READ! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! MY DAD JUST CAME HOME WITH FLA--FL--F-F-FLLASSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! But uhm he's at work right now so I needa wait till he gets back to install it for me!!! :l YESSS!!!! JUST A COUPLE MORE HOURS TILL HE GETS HOME OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

~November 18th 2008: Looks like there's only gonna be 2 adoptables this month, and mabye NONE for January! Or maybe only one...since in January are my mid-term exams, maybe I'll only make one or two. I added some trading pages where we can trade CS pets, Petz 5 pets, URLS, ad buttons and more! Currently :CS Pets and P5 Petz. I WILL make those pocket picksels, they just won't be interactive, I WILL make them grow and when you click them it brings you to a page that uhm...hmm..actually, I'm not sure what the page will do yet o.O Maybe 'feed' it and 'play' with it? Anywho, They WILL be growable as I said...but shorter than a month, maybe every 6-8 days it grows a stage and there will be 3 stages.~

**SOOPER bad NEW PLS READ! Uhm ok so app photoshop CS3 'looks' like a flash CD. So uhm nvm about the whole flash thing....I CAN STILL MAKE AWESOMER THINGS WITH CS3!!! =D so uhm sorry about that. BUT, my dad said he might buy me a flash thingy for my b-day o.O im just as dissapointed as you are so sorry if it kinds seemed like I was lying, i WASNT i swear my dad said he's get flash, but it was actually photoshop CS3. Again, sorry sorry!**

**SOOPER GOOD NEWS PLS READ! My dad's getting me a flash program tmr from his work!!! Then I can make awesomer things! So, Coming soon, (once I figure out how to use flash) Pocket Picksels! PP is like a tamagotchi, but smaller and ON THE COMPUTER!!!! There are 3 buttons on each. one feeds them, one pets them and one does something else...idk yet :P**

~November 16th 2008: Yesterday I made the growables grow to puppy stage. Be surprised at the end of the month when they are fully grown! Something has changed...and btw NEW ZOOM IN!!!+ jingletail ur link is being made! EDIT: OK, I was PILED up with requests and things to do!! ); I actually managed to make Ellie's requested things, (it's ok don't feel bad I was bored anyway :P) and then I had to make Jingletail's award (again, no hard feelings) and I made the new Zoom in. So basically, if you requested something, go to the pickup section on if and get it becuz EVERYTHING is done! Yay! :D~

~November 12th 2008: K so I just thought of a good comp: Zoom in . It's when   I take a picture of a random thing (thats on the site I.E the layout cat, the neko, a shoutbox ect..) And I'll zoom in the picture, all you hava do is guess what it is! This changes every time there's a winner, so it's basically first come, first win :) uhm well not exactly. First come and guess the right answer, first win. There :D i didn't make the page yet, but that's what I'm going to do right now. So refresh in a bit to go join the comp. NOTE: I will add 'EDIT:' whenever I add something AFTER i added an update. So if you refresh and there's no 'EDIT:' then the page isn't done yet EDIT: Yus I added the first zoom in! It's pretty easy :P AND, I added another find it. This one has a different prize, not a virtual card or award but it IS something virtual...something that you'll only like if you make an account on y-g-adoptables :)~

~November 11th 2008: Rememberance day! The day that we remember the soldiers who risked their lives to protect Canada. And USA rememberance day is hmm... *checks calandar* hmm it only says when American thanksgiving is...oh well. Soz Americans. Let's all do a moment of silence *does moment of silence* Ok. WELL, I added a contest on the contest page, a find it, and moved catch teh mouse to the comps page...even if it was fun, it's sorta a comp right? K, so uhm... I need comp ideas. Anyone? If I like ur Idea and I use it, you will be credited and added to my friends/affilates list! :)~

~November 9th 2008: I added another November adoptable. NOTE: I WILL ADD 2 MORE WHEN I HAVE THE TIME TO!~

~November 7th 2008: GAHNESS!!!! I have NO idea whatsoever to put on the site! Go to the comp page and enter my first comp! Hm.... I need more ideas for the site! Anybody have any ideas? If you do and I use it, you get credit, and an award =)~

~November 4th 2008: D': D': WHY?!?! WHYYYYYYYY?!?!? -cries so hard- SHE ONLY LIVED FOR 5 YEARS! 5 YEARS!!! It's not fair!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :'(   So uhm....my bird is dead. Yup. Dead, gone, finished, out of this world. I go downstairs to feed her and she's laying at the bottom of the cage, eyes open, looks like she's squashed. SHE DIDNT DESERVE THIS!!!!! THIS DAY IS SO CRAPPY!!!!~

~November 3rd 2008: Heyy guys, I closed the haunted house. Yup, so you all hava wait 'till next year if you didn't see it this year. Oh, one thing, I have a question for you all. Let's say I have 5 sites on my e-mail log-in (petz5palace, your-graphix, y-g-adoptables, y-g-hauntedhouse08 and cyberpetsgalore) and I want to delete the Haunted house one. If I go on that one, click delete account, will it just delete that site or my whole account? Anywho, I added a new layout on the layouts page. I like this one =) It's 'Petz 5' and it's soo cute ;)~

~November 2nd 2008: uhm, any specific reason piczo's being an ass rite now? Idk, SORRY GUYS! THE NOVEMBER ADOPTABLES ARE DELAYED UNTIL...uhm, WHENEVER I HAVETIME TO MAKE THEM!!
EDIT: ahh, piczo's working agen. Welcome back Kitty :) My friend's seemed to work so she did it for me EDIT EDIT: THE HAUNTED HOUSE IS EXTENDED TILL TMR SINCE I DELAYED THE ARRIVAL OF THE SPECIAL!!! YAY!!! CLOSES TOMORROW! EDIT EDIT EDIT: I made the October adoptables grow, and added ONE november adoptable.~

~November 1st 2008: HOLY CRAP!!! OMG!!! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE ADOPTABLES!!! Soz guys, I'm just really stressed. I've had WAY to many tests this October, and I don't have much time on the comp no more :( BUT, maybe if I have time I'll make 2 today, put them on then make 2 tmr, and put them on. And for the halloween special, It's not scary, but its special ;) So right now, immuna go to the site and put it on! so in about 20 min, refresh your page, go to my haunted house site and see what awaits you!!! (see, didnt I promise there was somethings special? XD)
EDIT: K so I just added the halloween special on y-g-hauntedhouse08.piczo.com YAY!!! XD~

~October 31st 2008: Soz guys, immuna have to make that special 'something' tomorrow. =[~

~October 20th 2008: Yay! Haunted house is officially OPEN!!!! Go visit it! And, just to make sure people actually READ the updates, Ima give you the password for the riddle: shadow. So now let's see how many people actually read the updates and make it through the entire house without getting stuck on the riddle question :P Oh and also, come back to the HH on the 31st, there's gonna be something extra special! Uhm, If I have time, cuz unfortunately I have school that day, just like a lot of people, and when I get home Ima eat, get dressed and give out candies with my BFFS!!!!! YAY!!! And uhm, of course eat the left overs ;) so yeah, I'll probably have enough time to make the amazing thingymabober, but If I don't, I'll do one the next day on November 1st (Saturday) I PROMISE!!!! Yay!~

~October 17th 2008: :O My friends list has just received a message with the haunted house password o.o well,if your not on my friends list, DO NOT WORRY! The house will be available in 3 days! On the 20th!!!! Also, go to the HTML codes page and click tag boards, yus I made them so DO NOT STEAL DEM!!!! They are for chatting, leaving comments or to leave a little piece of info for the owner ;)~

~October 15th 2008: OHHH!!! I can't wait to open the haunted house and let you guys in!! It's gonna be open in 2 days!!! So, the people on my friends list will be messages the password, but the 20th, the house is open to everybody, and the 31st will be UBER Special! So make sure to come on the 31st to be hauntified :O~

~October 13th 2008: Want more things for your adoptables? Want NEW pets to adopt? Well go to www.y-g-adoptables.piczo.com and you'll find all yg adoptables, plus some new ones!~

~October 11th 2008: I started working on the haunted house! It'll be open from the 20th untill November 1st, but October 31st will be extra special! you: "Tell us!" Me: " NO! Then it'll ruin the surprise!" And also, there's no password! But, if your on my friends list, the haunted house will be open from the 17th instead of the 20th!! Yes, 3 extra days to be SCARED!! RIght now, the site is password protected, and NO I'm not giving out the pass, cuz then you'll see whats there and you'll tell your friends, and then they'll tell their friends and so on, then you won't be scared! The site is y-g-hauntedhouse08.piczo.com but like I said, I'm not giving you guys the pass.~

~October 10th 2008: I added a cute birdy in the adoptables section. He plays around and minds his own beeswax xD He loves to fly around and play with his dangling rainbow ball, but sometimes he gets tired and takes a little nap or eats/drinks. :D It's amazing and it took me about an hour to make. :D I like it.~

~October 1st 2008: SEE? I started using pencil. I accidentally wrote September, BUT I ERASED IT!!! MWUHAHAHA! -.- soz. Anyways, I added October's adoptables. Go adopt them! PS: they are awesomer than last months adoptables :D

~September 28th 2008: I added a "Add this site as your friend!" Button. 'Aint it cute? I mades it myself. It matches the layout. If you want a personalized one, tomorrow (cuz if I stay about 3 secnonds longer on the comp rite now, I will be killed), I'll make the request page for it. HOLY LORD! YES MUM I'M COMING!! -.-~

~September 26th 2008: WOO! Finally, Friday! Anywho, I added this layout to the layout page. To use it like I did, just upload it to your site and stretch it to make it big enough! :D~

~Spetember 25th 2008: 5 more days 'till I add the new adoptbales. Yes, I'm giving you 5 extra days since they're my first ever adoptables. I was supposed to change them today, but I thought, hey, maybe these guys need a little more time. So you've got until September 30th, (Tuesday) to get your little your-graphix page up on your site and adopt all my adoptables.
EDIT: I added some new adoptables, they are NON-GROWABLE! THAT MEANS THEY DO NOT GROW! Anyways, you can still adopt them. Unlike the growable adoptables, these ones stay on the site foreva! I add more when I have the desire to, without replacing the old ones! So get one now....even tho there's no hurry!! :D~

~September 24th 2008: New layout! Hoorah. Iz sooooooo cute :3 Is called Kitty <3s Yarn! (Kitty loves Yarn) WOOPEE!! Yippee!!~

~September 14th 2008: Oh well, the spongebob adoptables are gone. If you didn't get one, sucks to be you! xD Those of you who DID get it, you rool. They should be grown up by today. If they aren't refresh your page. So...um that's it :D~

~September 13th 2008: Woops. Looks like I never really updated on Thursday xD. Oh wellz. Now that I started writing in pencil, I SHALLITH ERASE MY HORRIBLE MISTAKE BY PUTTING PART 1!!! -erases- Anyway, today is the LAST day to get the spongebob adoptables! :O YES! THAT'S RIGHT!!! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!! So go get 'em tiger. xD~

~September 11th 2008: :'( exactly 7 years ago, 911 occurred. Let's have a moment of silence -does moment of silence- Now that that's done.... THERE ARE ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO GET THE SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK ADOPTABLES! GET THEM BEFORE THEY'RE GONE!!! XD Hmm, maybe Ill do some more updates like right now so Ima have to re-update after xD~

~-A-u-g-u-s-t- September 1st 2008: Woops! Darn this pen! I wrote August and had to scratch it out -.-' I should really start writing with a pencil. Anyways, school starts tomorrow. Hoorah *sarcastic* and I wanna complete one last thing on the site before summer vacation is over for good until next year--A LIMITED TIME ONLY SPONGEBOB ADOPTABLE!! He's a baby, then normal! xD Same for Patrick too. So get them soon, there only gonna be there for 2 weeks! They are soooooooo awesome xD I renamed the layout, although I didn't change it xD The ♥ as a name is kinda hard to say isn't it? so now it's Dashing Hearts randomly xD~

~August 26th 2008: ZOMG! GO TO THE ♥FUN♥ PAGE NOWWW!!! DO IT!! CLICK ADOPTABLES!!! ZOMG I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW WELL THEY CAME OUT!!! THEY GROW!!! THEY GROW THEY GROW THEY GROW INTO PUPPIES THEN ADULT DOGS!!! THEY'RE CURRENTLY AT THE NEWBORN STAGE!! -puts hands together in a praying motion and looks up @ sky and eyes glitter- oh, thank you Tess for helping me!! In case you didn't know, Tess Is the owner of chickensmoothie.com and she helped me make adoptions just like hers! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW WELL THEY CAME OUT :DDDDDDD But, they are limited time only! Once a month has passed by, I remove them and add new ones!!! So, get them before they're gone!!! :D NOTE-There *usually* will never be empty slots. I might not have any in the adoption centre because of school and I might not have time to make more. But don't worry, it will last about a week before I would have time to make more, so there are usually pets there to adopt :)~

~August 25th 2008: GAH!! My Weeks of bad luck are finally over, and today was SUCH A LUCKY DAYYYY!!!!! Visit my happy moments in the ♥About Moi♥ Page and look at the first three! Yep! All today! And yesterday, Greg, owner of Webneko.net added my neko to the site! WOOT My bad luck is finally over! In case you didn't know how much bad luck I was having, I'll start off with Day 1. Sunday, August 3rd. I dropped my phone in the sewer. Monday, August 4th. My bookshelf falls down and 3 things break. Tuesday, August 5th. I have to pick up my brother at his friends house in the hailing, raining, winding, cold...ing..weather. Then finally I reach his house and his friend's mom says: Oh it's ok, the boys are downstairs playing. You can go home :D Uhm. No. Not Ok. I went out in the pouring rain to get him! GRR!! But now, my terror is over and I'm having good luck :D And also, I added some phone thingy on the ♥Fun♥ Page.~

~August 24th 2008: It's officially 4 months until my 14th birthday!! ~gifts appreciated~ Anyways, In the ♥Fun♥ Section click Kitty. Yup. Made It. I had to edit 32 Pictures! It took like, 1h 30mins or so. Please comment on it! :D

~August 20th 2008: I added random quizzes on the fun page Check 'em out!~

~August 18th 2008: That loner in the adoption center finally grew up -.-' Anyways, the REAL update is the new HTML codes! Go to ♥Piczo Stuff♥ and go to ♥HTML Codes♥ then choose one! The new ones are the Tables, which are like the muffin one :D There are currently 3 tables, That ME, MYSELF AND I MADE DO NOT STEAL DEM -gets all crazy and hyper- DO NOT STEAL OR ELSE!!! -calms down and fixes hair- Ok, now that you understand, go see them :) I also added some fixed backgrounds in the HTML section. :D Hoorah! lol.~

~August 16th 2008: I added 2 new layouts that I made and deleted the old ones. These ones are actually useable, like the other ones where defective lmao. WEll, I made soccer theme and beach theme. You can even see a preview of what the layout would look like! Just click the link of whatever theme you want and it will show a pic of the layout when it's all together. WOOT enjoy! BTW: I will make more soon, any ideas for some though? Maybe I'll make like candy theme and animal theme or something like that ;D~

~August 14th 2008: WTF IS A BUTTERFLY WOLF? Idc. I Added them to the site xD Go to the Fun page then Kennel Then Butterfly wolves they're like WTF? Also I added a Random Pix Page in the fun section go check them out ;)~

~August 1st 2008: I added a Kennel on the ♥Fun♥ Page. The puppies are from chickensmoothie.com and over time, they will grow into adult dogs (right now they are at the newborn stage). So yup, and also, I have a perm party page that's only available to people on my friends list. That means If your on my friends list, YU IZ AWESOME!! :D
So if I'm not on yur friends list ADD MEH PPLZ!!~

~July 29th 2008: Today was SUPPOSED to be the party, and it's 6:24 PM EST right now, (as I'm writing) and I've decided to cancel the party! I mean, it was going to be a 3 person party! I'm not going to stay on the computer, for 2 hrs, entertaining 2 other ppl! I mean, cmon! So for those of you who were worried, no worries! The party is canceled! And to clear things up, the graphix for the party will now be on the graphix page.~

~July 27th 2008: I Am BAAAAAAAAAAAACK from vacation! Yey! It was fun and I got to bring my friend Liana...but why would you guys care!? IDC IF UDC! Like I said, this is like my e-diary. Anywayz, the party is in 2 days!! *claps* yey! So far only 2 ppl are coming though...(not including me) so, the graphix that will be never shown agen, WILL be shown agen if we only have a 3-person party! So if your one of the 2 ppl, and you want a rare graphic, tell your frends to add me, or tell your frends the password! If you still havent added me, go ahead! Right now! This very second! On top! Click add as a frend! DO IT NOW. Ok, now that youv'e done that, let me re-login so I can accept your frend request and give you the password ;)~

~July 16th 2008: I added a site pet, Jinx the wolf-fox thing so go to the fun page and click site pet to visit her!!~

~July 14th 2008: 3 years! a WHOLE three years of Y-G! HOORAY! A special graphic is now available on the enter page! Download it an send it to yoor frends! Tell them to visit the site! We will have a site party, (when I come back from vacation im leaving on saturday xD) wich will be..hmm..(checks calandar) the 29th? Yes, the 29th of July. The site will be password protected so add me as a friend to get the password! You guys will be able to LIVE CHAT with me and enter a cool party room! A great Y-G piczo party! (hey, that's kinda fun to say lol) so if I'm not on your frends list, add me now to join the cool party on the 29th! The time, hm...prob like 5:00-7:00 PM (i have a life, too you know) So, the 29th of July, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm EST thats rite, EST!!! That's US and CANADIAN time! (i'm Canadian, GO CANADA!!!) The room will include music, ppl counter (counts how many ppl in room) and graphix that will only be available @ the party ONLY they will never be shown on Y-G agen.......EVER! AND MORE! SO COME!!!~

~June 24th 2008: Well, I added a habbo page (and in case yoo don't know wut habbo is, go to habbo.com and sign up) and also, my friend Pam made a little badge that means: COPYCAT H8ERS. So, if you hate copycats or your site DID get copied (like mine) then post this on your webbi and help bring a stop to copycats, thieves and h8ers, it would help alot. TY!!! (ty=thank you in case yoo didn't know lolz)~

~April 22nd 2008: Found in the requests menu, the stiky! Click on this marvelous link and it will bring you to a stiky customization page! Make stikys for your site, blog or just have it for fun and print it out! Whatever fits your stiky needs! So, swing by the stiky request page 2day! BTW: it doesn't have to be your stiky to pick it up, whatever is in the pick up section of the page is for anyone, not only the requester!~

~April 20th 2008: Like it? Only took me 2 days! WOW :O I know, Im the bomb! New layout.. it's the layout v.5-♥!! Even a new game on the "fun page": catch teh mouse! Squeek! This is just what I needed to boost the site up a little...~

~January 4th 2008: OMG! LOOOOOOOONG time since last update...which was August 18th! 5 months since last update! Well....I'm a sliver member now....;)! YAY ME! Guys, I'm really a popped balloon...I don't have any ideas for the site! *random girl with long black hair asks: Are you gonna shut it down?* Hmmmm...let me think...after how far I came through...through updates, quizzes, html, games and more..would I shut this baby down even if I didn't have any ideas?? Hmmmm... *acts sarcastic* wow, BIG decision! I don't think I'll EVER CHOOSE! But really, I'm not shutting this girl down... isn't that right, Y-G? So, go to the "Contact Me" page and send me some ideas! Blow air into this popped balloon!~

~October 5th 2007: OMG! Such a long time since last update! I've been so sick.... then, school butted in and started...*again* and I had a couple tests to study for, homework to do and you know....the usual school stuff....not really any updates though....OH! My first year of high school is starting up good...*so far!* I was so scared!:P You know people? This is like my e-diary, you know? So I don't care what you have to say about...-wow... I'm writing a lot...randomly. :P Oh, I know that some of you probably saw the cheese thing in the "'Bout Me" page...yah...It's a camp thing, you wont understand. ;) So anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of that with you guys...no updates since the last one. PLZ NOTE: PEOPLE! PLZZZZZZZZZZ JOIN MY CLUB! I WILL BE CLOSING IT IF YOU DON'T WANNA JOIN! DECORATE THE FUC...*thinks: woh.. a bit to far there, meg!* THE UHH.... PRETTY DOG!.......PLZ! BYE!! ;)~

~August 18th 2007: I added a pixel dispenser from scribble land! To use it, click the link on the random fun page and click the nob. Then, click the egg with the ? in it. To get a new pixel, simply click the "BACK" button 2x on your internet browser and click the nob again! So cute!~

~July 13th:2007   Well, summer practicly just started, but at the same time, it's practicly over! In a week or two, it'll be time for our parents to say: Hey! Time to start buying school supplies!" That really puts me down... *sigh* :( That's why I made a quiz to see what you did this summer! Knowing what other people did makes me feel like I did it to! So anyway, take the quiz!~

~June 3rd 2007: I finally finished adding all the countdowns on the bottom of the homepage! You can even get a countdown of your very own posted here! STILL BTW: I only have 2 members of the club! I know you wanna be a member, so.... DECORATE THE DOG. Lots of people e-mailed me saying:why? WHY? WHY? BECAUSE I NEED TO KEEP TRACK OF WHO'S A MEMBER!THAT'S WHY!! I ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE WHO FIGURED OUT THE PASS! BTW: I WILL BE CHANGING IT! BTW: THE OLD PASS WAS: bananas~

~March 31st 2007: I added "open my locker" to my site. To play, you have to answer a sieries of questions that have an answer to the site. So if you actually came here to see my site *and not just advertise yours* you will find the questions easy! To get to my locker, just go to the random fun page. Have fun!~

~March 30 2007: Your-Graphix.piczo.com can now be located at www.your-graphix.tk!! Want that too? Go to www.your-graphix.tk and at the top, it will show you how! Have fun!
PS:or you can just go to www.dot.tk

~March 26 2007: Few! I'm finally done the new layout! It took months for this change! I added a backgrounds page so now, you can have the backgrounds right off of my site!! YAY!! *laughs* Well, hope you like the site... and BTW: I haven't gotten any e-mails from Member-Wannabees... So, make sure you decorate that doggy!~

~March 18th 2007: I know, I know, I haven't done many updates in a looooooooooooooooooong time but, now that school started (again) I have homework, studying and taking care of my pets. You can request a blinkie now that that's done... and yup! Check out the new layout and that's about it, oh yah! Check the play at the theatre! I directed it, you know!

~November 12th 2006: I'm finishing up my new layout... this one doesn't have a specific color. I found it boring to have just ONE color so...enjoy!~

~August 25th 2006: ...I removed the "Linkage" page and added a requests page!!! The blinkie request is almost done... but the glitter page is NOT even close to done!! I also added a bunny doll house... I got the idea from www.scribbleland.net and I used the pictures too...~

~August 16th 2006: It's been a while since the last update umm.. *sneeze*
yah... *scratches back of neck* that's why and umm... I've decided that I should have a new link, and that I should have a colour chart page so I made them last night! And now, a blinkie request page and pixel adoption page coming soon!!~

~August 1st 2006: New Tamagotchis!!
If you're a member, you can get a Tamagotchi!!! Also, you get a cute 'n cuddly duggy pixle that you decorate and send back to me. If you do not give me the pixle, you cannot be counted as a member.~

~July 29th 2006: I havent done any updates in a while... So I thought I might add a "Linkage" page. I do requests so scroll down that page for your very own link button!!
You can even link to my site with not one but SIX unique
link boxes to match your layout style!!~

~June 30th 2006: Awesome new pages... CONTESTS!!
I added a few more contests to the "Contests" page- s.o.t.m
and find it. To get to the contests page, go to the
"Random Fun" page and click "Contests" on the blue box menu.~

~June 14th 2006: New layout... BLUBERRIES!!
I added the new layout 'cause I thought it was time to have a different style, look and color-from pretty pink to greasy green to blow-out blue!!It all seems to have an A+!! Everyone loves the new layout color and style... so hope you enjoy my site!!~
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